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Patients at Lagniappe Healthcare

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“Not Your Grandma’s Nursing Home…Yes It IS!”

Lagniappe Healthcare | Activities for the residents make Lagniappe fun! Lagniappe Healthcare | April Birthday Party

April Birthday Party

Lagniappe Healthcare | Bible Study

Bible Study

Lagniappe Healthcare | Blackout Bingo

Blackout Bingo

Lagniappe Healthcare | Friends and Neighbors

Friends and Neighbors

Christmas Activities

Christmas activities

Lagniappe Healthcare | Mardis Gras 2016

Mardis Gras 2016

Lagniappe Healthcare | Picnic In The Gazebo

Picnic In The Gazebo

Lagniappe Healthcare | Volunteer Brunch

Volunteer Brunch

Lagniappe Skilled Nursing Facility | Nerd Day

Nursing Home Week 2016

Nerd Day

Lagniappe Healthcare Skilled Nursing Facility | Crazy Hat Day

Crazy Hat Day

Lagniappe Skilled Nursing Facility | Western Day

Western Day

Lagniappe Skilled Nursing Facility | Glory Land Farms

Glory Land Farms

Lagniappe Healthcare Skilled Nursing Center | Nursing Home Week | Photo Booth Lagniappe Skilled Nursing Facility | Art with Diane Patrick Lagniappe Skilled Nursing Facility | Church Friends

Church Friends

Gary and Claire Guice and friends

Gary, Claire Guice
and friends

Art with Diane Patrick

Pauline Fife

Lagniappe Skilled Nursing Facility | Tea with Cherry Ridge

Tea with Cherry Ridge and Everett Plummer entertained

Lagniappe Skilled Nursing Facility | Training For Senior Olympics

Training For Senior Olympics

Senior Olympics 2016

Senior Olympics 2016

Senior Olympics 2016
Medal Winners!

Medal Winners